The BB World Tour – Trinidad


In July 2014, Banners Broker will be coming to Trinidad for the World Tour. This location received the most votes during our contest to pick the World Tour location and it is not hard to see why. These twin countries are stunning Caribbean islands with rich natural beauty, a rich history and an exciting culture. We hope that when you come for the World Tour, you won’t miss out on some of the experiences that make Trinidad and Tobago stand out.

Trinidad and Tobago have many spectacular beaches that make them look like your idea of a Caribbean island. Long white beaches and crystal blue waters make for the perfect setting to relax, go snorkelling and diving among coral reefs and incredible cruises through mangroves to see exotic wildlife. The warm sun and refreshing ocean breezes make this a place to take your ease or try something new.

Fort King George on Tobago is something for those who love history, it is an old fortification built over 200 years ago and has become one of the islands principle attractions. See old cannons, sleeping quarters and the powder magazines. This site will transport you back to a time very different from ours now.

Trinidad and Tobago also claim an exciting blend of cultural influences that makes them stand out. From exotic foods to events like goat and crab racing to music that you can’t from dancing to, there is always something to do and people there do it with you.

Banners Broker is a wonderful opportunity to get to meet affiliates from around the world, to share successes and challenges and to be inspired but it is also a chance to see where those affiliates call home. The tour has brought people together in countries all over the world and it is this sharing or cultures and experiences that gives BB affiliates stronger ties to each other and the opportunities to build a worldwide business.

We hope to see you there.

The New and Improved Banners Broker – v3!


On Tuesday, March 18, 2014, Banners Broker version 3 was released to affiliates all over the world.

Over the last several months, we have built the platform for version 3. This was a culmination of our thoughts and feedback from the field. It has been a long time in development and we are pleased to see it come to fruition.

When we opened the doors, it was incredible to see so many people that wanted to be a part of it. We are humbled by your energy and enthusiasm to see something that has been the focal point of our professional efforts for so long.

BBv3 was built on the best available technology and was designed to be fast and stable for years to come. The system is also built to be modular so that as one piece needs to be upgraded or replaced, it will not affect the whole system. It is the platform through which this worldwide phenomenon of Banners Broker will carry us all forward. The future is bright and we are here, working hard and doing what we need to do. We hope that you will join us as we grow and go deeper into the world of online advertising. Banners Broker will continue to be at the forefront of technological and advertising paradigms and we hope that you will come with us.

The future is bright. The future is now.


Banners Broker and Social Media


With the arrival of BBv3, Banners Broker is placing more and more emphasis on social media and using powerful platforms like Facebook and Twitter to increase our ability to tap into the revenue that is being spent on online advertising.

Social media has quickly become one of the most widespread tools to share information and opinions across the world. It allows people to converse in real time from anywhere around the planet. It has become a tool to influence social change and to capture amazing events for everyone to see.

Social Media has also become a massive tool in helping companies promote their products and to increase their brand exposure. Social media allows a business to interact with their customers, promote their own user testimonials and advertise cheaply but with a huge potential reach. For these reasons, not only has social media become a preferred way to connect with the customer but social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have become incredibly effective places to advertise.

Banners Broker is excited to have created tools that allow affiliates to tap into this new mode of communicating and allow them to benefit from the traffic and revenue that is being produced by these websites.

Incentive Programs


Banners Broker is constantly creating new ways for its affiliates to earn by creating Internet content, driving traffic to sites and being active advertisers and publishers online. These new opportunities emphasize creating content and promoting web sites that increase the amount of traffic going to sites and, in turn, increasing the affiliates’ potential to earn revenue.

These tasks give the affiliates a range of options from promoting their conventional businesses to their online businesses or providing services to third party businesses. They also allow the affiliate to grow their earning potential since any actions that they perform make their opportunities more lucrative.

Banners Broker’s Incentive tasks will form the backbone of the affiliates’ advertising efforts and new methods are constantly being developed to increase Banners Broker’s reach and the affiliates’ ability to grow a successful online advertising business.